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About Paulas Patio

Readers Digest Version: Paula’s Patio started many many moons ago in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles on a warm sunny tranquil day – literally – on the community sundeck where she happily resided in and enjoyed so much. BUT, one day it was abruptly and instantly shattered by the Los Angeles SWAT team. Needless to say … it was very traumatic for Ms. Patio and she retreated to the confines of her own PRIVATE patio for the remainder for her duration.

Fast Forward – Florida…

One day – without notice – while appreciating the quiet confines of the Patio while working on clients projects, things quickly changed when a young nocturnal tech head moved in next door. It was a brain match made in heaven….thus  the resurrection of PaulasPatio!

In a NutShell … it’s all about relationships! Business Relationships. Personal Relationships. Problem Solving. It’s different every week!

Our Skill Set Combined

Below is a sample of our combined knowledge of the teams I personally work with, and I am only scratching the surface …

Call Centers
Copy / Content
Data Centers
Site Design - Responsive