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BEST Web Tools EVER!

Making Your Life Much Easier

No matter what industry you’re in there’s always “trade secrets”.  And, cutting straight to the chase – there’s no denying – when it pertains to the Internet and web development and all that other techie stuff that needs to be done when you run a web site- most people are clueless! In this area you will discover some of the best kept secrets in web development tools that will make any small business shine. Who knows … if you’re looking for a career change – this could be it!

Moto Themes

For the past 2-3 years I’ve been searching for a easy solution for my clients so they can easily add updates, changes, etc., on their own to their web sites. After several years of investing hundreds of dollars on assorted programs – I’ve finally found the BEST and – most reliable solution anywhere! This program was designed by: 6 Figures IM (Internet Marketing) Launches Developers. That’s not all …These  mad code warriors have worked behind the scenes for 20+ 6 figures IM launches. THESE guys ARE ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. What I ALSO love about them is: 60 Minute or Less Support Time (A+++ for those who work all hours of the day and night. I LOVE that). Of course there’s more.  Click Here to Learn More!

Ascend – Commercial

When you “think” you’ve found the right tool for web design SOMETHING comes around that blows the oars out of the water and knocks your socks completely off. Lets face it not everyone is crazy about Word Press – and without goin’ into great detail – there’s a lot too it if you really want to get under the hood! One thing is certain, Moto is fast loading. Ascend on the other hand is a cloud based program and HTML pretty  and Ascend – are fast loading and not clunky as discovered by me with other software that I’ve tinkered with.